Match Dog Com




My name is Dillon.

Body Type:  Black, short, stout, still has hair, temporarily retains use of testicular material.

Current occupation:  I am currently a villain. I am also broke except for this bowl that the sweet and sour chicken came in.

Things I like: Long walks down the road, eating road kill earthworms, chasing lizards, ping pong balls and my new forever mom.

Things I don’t like:  Trash cans on garbage day (those things freak me out), Joe from Canine Command because that “house call” changed my life and I have to “do stuff” now.  Things henceforth will be “expected” of me.  :: eyeroll::

Where I see myself in the future:  Still trying to impulsively run this whole show but failing miserably at it.  Though I’m increasingly grateful to live with this bitch.

Children: I dreamed of children one day but I fear my plan will be interrupted abruptly in the next few weeks.

Meet Dillon The Villain


So, uh, if you haven’t heard … there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is DTV.  Here’s the scoop on who he is and how he came to be the biggest little, bad ass Bonitian … copied and pasted from one of the rescuers with a few edits for clarity and brevity:

Matilda the mom, and her four pups were “strays” at the Orange Co AS.  The pups were only 4 weeks old so I would like to know how they were all strays?  My opinion is that the owner saw what work they were, and just dumped them.  There were 2 males, that I named [the artist soon to be know as Dillon]and Mango, and 2 females, Renee and Kiwi.  All but [Dillon] and mom had demodex mange, Renee had it pretty bad.  She was also the first to get adopted, then Kiwi, and then Matilda, the boys just kept staying and staying, and getting into more and more trouble.

The boys eventually ended up in Port Charlotte at a loving foster home.

Meanwhile, back at the Bonita Springs ranch, LBD our beloved nearly seventeen year old dog, finally went to heaven (where car windows are always rolled down).  A few days went by with a whole bunch of “sad sacks” sniveling and crying over the loss.  We realized that LBD wouldn’t want us to be this lonely and heart broken so we started looking for a minpin rescue.

We were lucky enough to find this little boy and after we passed the test to become his parents we drove to Port Charlotte and picked him up.

Thanks to John and Jules and the Internet Miniature Pinscher Service for saving this little boy *just* for us.  We are forever grateful.

The end … and just the beginning.  Little did we know this minpin was really rescuing us. We can’t wait to share what we all discover together.